Innovative lectures, video lessons, educational programs for primary schools and universities

  • The main objective of the Fund is to promote improvement of the socio-economic status in society by improving the efficiency of the educational system. We have chosen the path of comprehensive support of developments of educational programs aimed at strengthening of the core of universal human values.
  • The implementation of the Objective supposes bringing three most important substantive lines relating to the development of the Human himself, build a happy and strong Family and attitude to the World in Which We Live in the educational space.
  • As a result of achieving these goals, we expect a significant improvement in the quality of life of modern human, formation and development of his personalqualities, knowledge and skills corresponding to the value priorities of the Fund.

In addition to the comprehensive school curricula, we offer educational programs that will expand students’ ideological outlook, help to realize the meaning of life, form a picture of the surrounding world and human destiny in it, find the answers in solving complex life tasks.

Our concern

We are concerned about the negative social phenomena and tendencies that are taking place in modern society. The increasing number of divorces, abandoned children, young mothers who send their children to orphanages all this has become a disturbing fact of our time.

In particular, we are concerned about problems of morality of younger generation, including teenage alcohol and drug abuse, early casual sexual relationships, non-recognition of the parents’ authority, aggressive behavior towards the others, lack of the meaning in life and high ideals. All of these problems have moral character and are results of the loss or substitution of moral and spiritual values. It makes us reflect about the fact that the current state of society’s morality may lead to the global social catastrophe – spiritual humanity’s degradation.

What are then the main reasons for the fall of the level of spiritual and moral development of our children? We can see them in the absence of a strong spiritual and moral foundation that must be laid in early childhood, originally by family, then by school and subsequently by society. It is the family from which the child’s knowledge of the surrounding world begins, love to the neighbours is instilled, and foundation of the social behavior and relationships between people is laid.

Charitable foundation Oktay Aliev